Spencer Allen Stenquist                                                                                                             Spencer Allen Stenquist was a student at the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City Utah for
nearly two years before wrist inImage 4juries that would not allow him to hold his tools forced him to drop out of the program. Spencer, undeterred spent all of his time reading patents, thesis’s, research papers, and scientific studies to teach himself about the innumerable variations of the physics and chemistry of the potential of instrument varnish. After 8 months his wrists were healed enough to continue working so he cut 200 f-holes in scrap wood to restore his lost tool skill.                                                                                                                                                      He worked on his own instruments, 16 century geometry and varnish for several months until Zack Johnson, a friend that Spencer met at a Violin Making Convention in Cleveland Ohio where they developed a deep brotherly bond by throat singing until 5am in a hotel contacted him and asked him to move out to Oregon to work in a Violin Shop.


Zack Johnson Image 7was born one cold, blizzard night in Great Falls, Montana. Two short years later he up and left for Roseburg, Oregon. He felt a strong draw to Irish fiddle tunes and classical violin music at a young age. Making, building and carving a multitude of various projects filled much of his time growing up. Naturally, the first time he picked up a violin he had to make one. So he sought instruction from a local maker, David Dunn, and completed his first violin. That was enough to get him hooked. He then furthered his instruction at The Violin Making School of America, where he graduated from a few years later. After his school adventures, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he worked with Certified Master Violin Maker Stephanie Voss at Voss Violins.  Zack remains in contact with Eugene Violin Shop and will be available as a guest luthier as timing permits.


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